How does your digital lending program stack up to your peers?

All programs are not equal. Many have been thoughtfully strategized and others are thrown together at the last minute. But most fall somewhere in between.

In August 2021, the Digital Banking Report conducted its Future of Digital Lending Survey to over 300 banks and credit unions. This is the fourth year for the survey that gives banks and credit unions insight into key items to compare their programs to those of their peers.

The results of that survey are found in the “Future of Digital Lending Report”. With articles focused on product development trends, advanced digital functionality, and the importance of operational excellence. The Report is available online for $495.

Since MeridianLink is a returning sponsor we are providing the report, for a limited time, completely FREE!

Key research elements include:

  • How the digital maturity at bank and credit unions has changed in the past twelve months
  • Structured new loan customer onboarding process in place
  • Biggest challenges facing organizations wanting to improve digital borrowing experiences
  • Changes in requirements to visit a branch to complete a loan application

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