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Alpha Hire wasn't born overnight. We have been developing, tweaking, and using the Alpha Hire system for over 3 years. We believe what makes our company so unique is our story of inception. Four years ago we were stuck using generic ATS/CRM software just like many other staffing companies. We found it to be useless as many of our recruiters and account managers did not even use the software even though we were paying over $100 per user a month for this application. We sought out an end-to-end solution that could connect our Front and Back Office workflow, but could not find any. We were also seeking a way to reduce the amount of manual entry required in our Job Order Management and Time Card processes. After months of searching we were convinced that there was no system in the market that met our needs, thus we began to develop our own software solution.

We decided to design our program based on the feedback of our recruiters, managers, and administration. Every problem/inefficiency we were made aware of had a solution. The first thing we sought to do is automate the mundane tasks that take up so much of our employees’ time. Account Managers had to constantly check VMS portals for new Job Orders and when they find the jobs the requirements had to be entered manually. We fixed this problem by implementing a Screen Scraping process. This process checks VMS portals for new Job Orders and automatically populates the jobs right within our system requirements and all. No manual entry required. This is just one of example of the intuitive solutions we implemented for a leaner more efficient business