Product Administrator Certification Program


What Is The Product
Administrator Certification Program?

MeridianLink software is robust, feature-rich, and highly configurable. If you’re proficient with it, we want your skill to be recognized within your organization and within the financial industry. 

To become a certified MeridianLink Product Administrator, you must successfully complete the Product Administrator Certification Program, which consists of a two-part exam that willtestyour proficiency and resourcefulness with MeridianLink system optimization. 

Certifications Are Available for  
MeridianLink Opening & MeridianLink Consumer

What are the Benefits
of Becoming Certified?

  • Obtaining a MeridianLink certification is an excellent way to enhance your personal growth and professional development in the financial industry.

  • It also connects you with a community of certified peers who possess comprehensive knowledge of the system, as well as a shared dedication and motivation to support your financial institutions through technical competency.

  • Certified administrators are better equipped to optimize the use of financial software and increase the efficiency of their workflows.

What Types of Exams
Make Up Each Certification?

  • The first part of the certification is a multiple choice exam with approximately 40 questions.  
  • The second part is a practical exam in which you must complete tasks within the MeridianLink system.  
  • Both exams are timed and open-book. You may reference ReadyAssist, the MeridianLink Knowledge Base, Product Manual, and other printed or online resources, but receiving help from another person is prohibited. 

What Training Is Available to Help
Prepare for the Certification Exams?

A Certification Prep Training Package is available that includes:

  • Live online training sessions
  • Access to a sandbox site
  • Weekly Study Hall sessions with a MeridianLink product expert

See the FAQs below for more information.

What Are the Prerequisites?

The exams are challenging! It is strongly recommended that you have:  



Reviewed all the relevant ReadyAssist walkthroughs in the Module Essentials section under the ReadyAssist menu. This menu can be accessed in MeridianLink Consumer/Opening by navigating to the Configure Site screen and selecting the ReadyAssist icon.

ML software

Administrator Experience

Actively participated in the build and/or maintenance of your MeridianLink system for several months.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers.

What certifications does MeridianLink offer?

We currently offer certification for MeridianLink Opening and MeridianLink Consumer.



What type of exams make up the certification?

Each certification consists of two parts:  

  • The first part is a multiple choice exam with approximately 40 questions  
  • The second part is a practical exam in which you must complete tasks within the MeridianLink system  
  • Both exams are open-book. You may reference ReadyAssist, the MeridianLink Knowledge Base, manuals, and other printed or online resources, but receiving help from another person is prohibited  
  • Both exams are timed. You will be given 2 hours to complete the multiple-choice exam and a 24-hour window to complete the practical exam  
  • The exams can be taken on different days  
Does the certification expire?
The certification expires after 2 years.
How much does the certification program cost?
Please contact your Account Executive for more information on the certification program cost. 
What are the passing grades?

The passing grade for each exam is 85%. You must pass the multiple choice exam to proceed to the practical exam. Partial credit can be awarded for the practical exam tasks. 

How long after registration do I have to complete the exam?

Once you are enrolled in the certification program, you will have a 4-month window to complete the multiple choice and practical exams, including any retakes of failed exams. 

If you have not passed both exams within this period, you must re-register for the Certification Program. 

What happens if I fail one or both exams?

If you fail either exam, you can retake it within the 4-month window for a fee ($110 to retake the multiple choice exam; $220 to retake the practical exam). 

How can I get recertified?

You can recertify by taking a recertification exam within 4 months of your certification expiration date. If you don’t recertify within this time frame, you will have to re-register for the Product Administrator Certification Program.  

Recertification lasts for an additional two years.  

What is the recertification exam format?

The recertification exam is a multiple choice exam that will primarily focus on recent updates to the system. There is no practical exam requirement for recertification. 

Why is the exam open-book?
In the real world, the ability to quickly find solutions is more important than having knowledge memorized. An administrator that can use available resources to design optimized configurations and troubleshoot issues deserves the title of MeridianLink Certified Administrator.  
What should I study to prepare for the certification exams?

The recommended starting point for all administrators learning the system is utilizing the self-directed walkthroughs and other e-learning content within the Module Essentials tab of the ReadyAssist menu. 

Additionally, admins should review the Administration section of the Knowledge Base and become familiar with searching for content in the Knowledge Base, including manuals and how-to articles. 

There is a lot of ReadyAssist content in the Module Essentials tab. Which content do I need to study for each exam?

Here are few steps to help identify the right content. 

  1. Open the ReadyAssist menu from within your system (ReadyAssist is accessible from any Demo or Beta admin screen). 
  2. Make sure you are on the Module Essentials tab of the menu. 
  3. Click Menu Optimizer and run it to clean up any menu items that are not part of your system build. 
  4. Everything that remains (under System Setup and System Maintenance) is what you should use to study, EXCEPT for Home Equity and Business Lending items (if you have those modules). These topics are not included in the exams. 

Each walkthrough guides you through system setup, and many also include related videos and Knowledge Base links.  All of these should be reviewed in studying for the exams. 

If only studying for the MeridianLink Opening exam, just review the Lender Profile walkthrough and the items under MeridianLink Opening Module Admin Setup and MeridianLink Opening Module Maintenance. 

What is included in the Certification Prep Training Package?

Four months of access to live online, instructor-led training

MeridianLink Consumer and MeridianLink Opening training sessions will be held once per month. You may attend any Certification Prep Training session within your four-month enrollment window, regardless of the certification product program in which you are enrolled. Sessions will cover the same topics monthly. Attend the session that best fits your schedule and/or opt to attend multiple sessions for reinforcement. Each session will be approximately two hours in length.

Four months of access to a MeridianLink Consumer/Opening sandbox site

This provides a safe environment in which you can study for the certification exam without affecting your own site. It also gives you access to ReadyAssist eLearning content for modules that you may not have at your organization.

Four months of Study Hall access

A MeridianLink product expert will host a one-hour Study Hall conference call each week. Our expert will log into the sandbox site and answer questions about your test configurations and best practices. Attending all Study Hall sessions equates to up to 17 hours of time with a MeridianLink product expert.

Are there different training packages for MeridianLink Opening and MeridianLink Consumer?

No, the Certification Prep Training Package covers both products.

What is the cost of the Certification Prep Training Package?

Please contact your Account Executive for more information on the certification prep training package cost. 

How can I register for the certification and/or training program?

Contact your account manager directly to register for the program.