Automated, Direct Access to Structured MeridianLink Data


MeridianLink® Data Connect Is Your Data Solution

Financial institutions of all sizes are looking for timely access to their origination data to quickly identify trends and address opportunities for improvement. That’s why we’ve intentionally designed our latest solution, MeridianLink® Data Connect, to integrate your MeridianLink® Consumer and MeridianLink® Opening data directly into your existing data warehouse. With this solution, you’ll have automated, streamlined access to your last three years of account and loan origination data, enabling more insightful reporting that would otherwise be limited to single data sources. 

MeridianLink Data Connect empowers you to:  

  • Meet new-age data warehouse requirements with secure, daily, automated transfers of your origination data into your data warehouse. 
  • Make better decisions, faster with an aggregate view of data across all platforms. 
  • Get simple, streamlined access to structured data. 

Request a call from one of our MeridianLink data experts today and discover how we can enhance your data access and utilization!